Auto Loan Calculator

Automobile Loan Calculator

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You can use this calculator to calculate any loan where the down payment is expressed as an amount. If you want a calculator that calculates loan details where the down payment is express in percent, then please use the mortgage loan calculator.

Unlike our general loan or simple loan calculators, this calculator will allow you to have more than one unknown value in certain cases.

To indicate an unknown value, enter '0' (zero).

You can enter the price of the car (or other asset), the down payment amount you have available, the total number of periods you want the loan for and the interest rate. When you click on 'Calc', the amount of the loan and the monthly payment will be calculated.

If you enter the loan amount and 0 for the down payment amount, then the calculator will calculate how much down payment you need.

If you enter 0 for the price of the car, a down payment amount, 0 for the amount of loan, the total periods, the interest rate and the payment you can afford, the calculator will calculate the amount of the loan and the price you can afford to pay for the car.