Financial Education

The Greater Centennial Federal Credit Union's highest priority is ensuring God's people are equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to be good financial stewards. 

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The Greater Centennial Federal Credit Union offers Financial Literacy/ Empowerment Workshops (open to members and non-members):

  • Budgeting: The Credit Union is committed to improving the financial lives of our members, so we offer periodic workshops and one-on-one counseling sessions to assist in creating, utilizing, and maintaining a personal budget.
  • Debt Management: Debt management is crucial to financial independence.  We strive to educate our members on the critical aspects related to the different types of debt and provide various tools to assist in reducing and eliminating excessive debt.
  • Investing: Making sound investments is an excellent strategy in attaining financial independence and stability.  We partner with industry experts to educate our members on researching, understanding, and demystifying the investment arena.
  • Tax Topics: At some point in our lives we have to pay taxes.  Our goal is to equip our members with the pertinent information needed to understand the financial impact the decisions may have on their individual tax situation.
  • Credit Repair: In emphasizing our goal of financial independence; we provide workshops and individual counseling sessions to guide members in understanding and improving there credit scores and history.
  • Retirement: Meeting the needs of our members involves partaking in all financial aspects of their lives.  That said, we periodically team up with investment professionals, skilled in the management and interpretation of various retirement plans; who, like us are committed to ensuring our members are fully equipped with the knowledge necessary to make prudent and fiscally responsible retirement choices.
  • Education Savings: With our emphasis on internal education, we are pleased to offer programs and guidance in planning and saving for education.


Financial Counseling Services (free to members)

  • Money Management and Budgeting Counseling
  • Debt Management
  • Debt Reduction Planning
  • Credit Report Review